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Overview of the UK

Country code (CC): +44

International access code: 00

Domestic long-distance access code: 0

NDC = National Destination Code

N(S)N = country (valid) number {NDC + SN}

SN = user number

International number format: CC-NDC-SN

For example: Landline: +44 20 79813000

Mobile: +44 78 28529201

Capital: London.

Starting number Service type
00 International Dialing
1 Geographic area codes after 1995
2 Geographical area codes after 2000
3 Non-geographic numbers charged at the geographic number rate
4 Reserved
5 Company number and Internet phone
6 Reserved
7 Mobile phones, pagers and personal numbers
8 Toll free numbers and non-geographic numbers for revenue sharing
9 Premium Service (PRS)

Search number:01760002XXX

Source area:【United Kingdom】Swaffham (UK)

ソースエリア:【United Kingdom】Swaffham (UK)

소스 영역:【United Kingdom】Swaffham (UK)

来源地区:【United Kingdom】Swaffham (UK)

Telephone in the UK

The international access code for the UK is 00. When making international calls, dial 00 or a plus sign (+) before the code in the destination country.

The domestic long-distance access code in the UK is 0. Please dial 0 before the area code when making domestic long-distance calls.

Local phone: XXXX XXXX (local number)

Domestic long-distance calls: 0-area code-local number

For mobile: 0-mobile number

From the UK to abroad: 00 (or +)-country code-area code (if available)-phone number

Call the UK from abroad

To call the UK from abroad, the international access code depends on your country.

Dial the international access code or plus sign (+), then dial 44, then the area code and phone number.

For example: How to call the UK from the US:

011 (or +)-44-Area Code-Local Number

011 (or +)-44-mobile number

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Telephone inquiry


Telephone inquiry


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